BBQ Boats

Bribie Island Boat Charters hires out 8 person and 12 person self-drive BBQ boats for un-licenced boaters.


Full Day 7am - 5pm $390

Half Day 7am - 12pm
or 12pm - 5pm $

Full Day 7am - 5pm $285

Half Day 7am - 12pm
or 12pm - 5pm $

Each BBQ Boat features:

  • Gas BBQ

  • Table

  • Padded cushion seating

  • Sink and bench area

  • 20 Litres of drinking water

  • Toilet

  • All safety equipment

  • Shade cover

  • Gas and fuel included in the price of hire

  • We have easy access for prams and wheelchairs

Each boat has a table and padded cushion seating, gas BBQ, sink and bench area with 20 litres of drinking water.

There is a toilet on-board, as well as all safety equipment and a shade-cover over the whole boat.

All gas and fuel is included in the price of hire.

There is plenty of room on-board for everyone, with easy access for prams or wheelchairs.

Sarah, Kate and Kere on BBQ Boat named Gooseberry
8 person BBQ Boat at Bribie Boat Charters
12 person BBQ Boat at Bribie Boat Charters



Flexible 1/2 day hire times!

For info and bookings call:

07 5497 5533

(Valid outside of Qld school or public holidays only)

Latest Updates

  • The bream are improving in size and numbers and are showing up around the Avon wreck and oyster leases. (Remember – bream are yellow-finned and 25cm size limit, snapper are pink and 35cm size limit)

  • Flathead seem to be everywhere at the moment – really nice sizes and plenty of them! The best place to find them lately has been on the sandbanks on the less windy side of the Passage.

  • Dugongs must be on a P.R. campaign – the spectacle of small herds of dugongs out and about, enjoying life, has been thrilling many of our boaters.

  • Summer is on the way and the water is getting warmer – hooray!

  • Just remember, if you forget your hat or thongs, we have some great ones for sale in our tackle-shop. They make good pressies, too!

  • Check out our Facebook photos – some lovely fish being caught! (If you LIKE the Facebook page, you might get onto some of our last-minute specials)